Sailing Classes

Sailing classes are co-educational and include beginning through advanced levels.

They are offered as P.E. classes Fall, Winter and Spring quarters through OPERS at UCSC.

All of the classes combine "hands on" practice in the harbor and out on Monterey Bay with training in boating safety, weather, ocean conditions, sailing theory, rigging, and maritime rules of the road.

All classes prepare students to pass certification tests for recreational boat use in the UCSC Sailing Club.

A public Summer Boating Program is offered through the Boating Center every summer featuring beginning through advanced sailing classes for adults, and children (ages 8-16).

Summer Classes 2019

  • Open to everyone! Including community members, UCSC affiliates/faculty/staff/students, and juniors.
  • Online registration will start on:
  • Full refund 31+ days prior to start of class, half 14-30 days out, no refund inside 14 days of class start.
  • For summer classes only, the first class meets at the harbor.
  • Summer Adult class sizes limited to 12.