Keelboat sailing courses are co-ed hands-on courses taught in a variety of keelboats, in order to attain a better understanding of how all boats are different but the fundamentals of sailing are the same, with a limit of 15 students.

Each class meets a total of eight times at the dock (weather permitting).

Students need to have taken and passed our Beginning and Intermediate Dinghy classes or equivalent.

Good attendance is strongly recommended in order to achieve best results.

Satisfactory completion allows you to move on to the next class and achieve higher levels in our Sailing Club.

Students learn the basics inside the protected Santa Cruz harbor, then venture out on beautiful Monterey Bay for further practice.

Enroll online, or show up at the first class meeting at the entrance to the East Field House on Campus (not at the harbor), for Fall, Winter and Spring Quarters.

You must be at the first class meeting in order to retain your spot.

Students have priority over the community during Fall, Winter and Spring, however, non-students may enroll in classes that are not full at the first meeting on campus.

Enroll online for Summer Session classes  (The first class meets at the harbor)

Beginning keelboat

This is a great class for those students who wish to expand their knowledge of sailing.

Students Learn:

  • "Hands on" rigging and docking practice.
  • Sailing practice on the Monterey Bay.
  • Sail trim, powering up vs. de-powering, sail theory.
  • Person overboard recovery techniques and drills.
  • Boating safety, VHF usage, and rules of the road.
  • Weather and ocean conditions.

Intermediate Keelboat

This is a great class for students who wish to be introduced to the wonderful world of keelboat racing!

Students Learn:

  • Review of skills learned in Beginning Keelboat class.
  • Introduction to spinnaker - packing, rigging, setting, crew management/positions, jibing, dousing and safety.
  • Practice new skills at the dock first.
  • Eventually set and fly spinnaker out in the bay.

Advanced Keelboat

This is a class for those who want an introduction into cruising.

Students Learn:

  • Boat systems
  • Docking
  • Anchoring
  • Back and fill
  • Introduction to charts and navigation