Rowing Classes

Rowing infront of the Capitola shoreline

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Beginning Rowing

Beginning Rowing starts out in our Edon training sculls. Basic skills and technique are learned on the dock and within the Santa Cruz Harbor. As the class progresses, students will have a chance to row in the Monterey Bay.

Students Learn:

  • Launching the boat
  • Proper rigging and vocabulary of boats
  • Entering and exiting the boat from the dock
  • The four parts of the stroke: Catch, Release, Drive, & Recovery
  • Departing and returning to the dock
  • Basic coxswain commands
  • Turning in place, stopping the boat, rowing backwards, & rowing
  • Safety procedures on the dock and in harbor channel
  • Rules of the road in the harbor and outside the harbor
  • Capsize recovery (in the harbor)
  • Ocean conditions and weather

Intermediate Rowing

This class is taught in single and double sculls, with a majority of the classes being taught out on the Monterey Bay. More intermediate rowing techniques are covered and the skills needed for safe open water rowing. This class is for students wishing to improve their basic skills with an emphasis on conditioning - interval and endurance.

Students Learn:

  • Review all skills learned in Beginning Rowing
  • Capsize recovery (in the Bay)
  • Rowing drills to improve stroke
  • Rowing for exercise
  • Rowing on the Bay with destinations
  • Racing skills including rounding buoys and starts.

Private rowing classes may be available upon request this summer, if interested contact us at or or give us a call 831-425-1164