Students rowing at the harbormouth infront of the Walton lighthouse

Rowing is one of the most effective aerobic exercises known with almost zero impact, if you want a total body work out and don't want to be in a sweaty gym, then rowing could be for you!

Rowing classes are a coeducational, introductory, physical education courses, that meet two times a week for about six weeks.

Classes start in the harbor and after mastered the basics, students venture out onto the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary under the guidance of the UCSC rowing instructor.

It is not uncommon for students to see sea otters, harbor seals, sea lions, dolphins, porpoises, whales, and much more!

All classes prepare students to pass certification tests for recreational boat use in the UCSC Rowing Club.

The rowing club incorporates the Rowing Team which races locally, in the San Francisco Bay, in North Lake Tahoe, and other places.

Enroll online, or show up at the first class meeting at the entrance to the East Field House on Campus (not at the harbor).

*Pre-enrolled students must be at the first class meeting in order to retain their spot.

Students have priority over the community during Fall, Winter and Spring, however, non-students may enroll in classes that are not full at the first meeting on campus.

Rowing classes are also offered during the summer, through our Summer Community Boating Program, for more infomation click here.